Zindiya, Moseley

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This up and coming street food restaurant is ideal if you are in need of a little spice( menu Here). Can you handle it?

Although it is slightly cold in there, during these (snowy?!!) winter months, so bring some layers(!!), this urban indian restaurant does heats the tongue!! Maybe this is me being uncultured, but there was an array of new tapas style dishes to try!! Doesnt everyone love tapas, or is it just my excuse to try more things on the menu?! Whoops! Above is my recommendation to contrast with all the spicy dishes, a refreshing, mild dish with a bit of crunch. The chicken tikka kebab below, I had heard of, of course, after watching Scarlett Moffatt on Im A Celeb rave about them; after trying this chilli tenderness, as recommended by the smily waiter, I understand why it is her favourite. However, my personal favourite was the Khati Roll, served on naan like bread (but higher quality) and bursting with flavour.

The low lighted interior replicates perhaps the urban street but what brightens up the place are chic lighting hanging from walls, and bold graffiti adorning the walls.

Seating even groups of 25, this place is ideal for a party get together, even for evening tea- did you ever think cardamom would make it into your typical British scone?! Find the evening tea menu here.

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-afoodexplored x


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