Burger Shop, Worcester

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So, I must make a quick confession: I”m not normally a burger fan, and much to my mates’ dismay, Five Guys is rarely my go to lunch venue. I much prefer a decadent BBQ burger loaded with caramelised onions. However, being taken to Burger Shop, a very modern, minimalist, contemporary venue, as a suprise for my GCSE results, I was intriued to whether my mind could be changed.We were greeted by knowledgeable staff, guiding us through the menu, before I decided on pulled lamb (below). Definitely the right choice!Being served on trays may put you off, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t coordinate with the contemporary theme or the restaurant.

The burgers oozed (informal I know, whoops!), with flavours seeping into the soft brioche bun, and contradicted, beautifully, with the creamy, flavourful cauliflower croquettes (below right), which, no lie, caused some hand flicking amongst us (!).

Overall, for a non burger lover, the Burger Shop was throughly enjoyable; it is seemingly high end venue, reflected by the precise decor and quality cooking. A definite summer go to, with outside seating, and greenery crawling up the walls, radiating as the sun fills the high arc roof.

-afoodexplored x